The growing needs of people with dementia and their carers prompted those who concerned about them to organize a non-profit Alzheimer's Disease Association in Taiwan.

TADA was established on 15 Sep, 2002. Its members include people with different religions, political attitude, different races, or from different regions from Taiwan. Organizations are welcomed to join TADA and work closely to achieve the mission of the association.

TADA Achievements 2002-2012




Established on 15th September, 2002. Provided helpline service and caregiver support group.


Set up Toll-Free Helpline


Became an ADI full member

Set up “School of Wisdom” for people with mild dementia in Taiwan


Set up “Always Remember You Café” (a caregiver support service)

Developed and advocated National Dementia Policy

Ran Dementia Prevention Campaign


Hosted Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting

Produced 5 sets of books and videos with five languages


Became an ADI Board Member

Set up Dementia Social Support Center


Set up “Family of Wisdom” for both people with dementia and their caregivers


Developed 27 “Schools of Wisdom” in different cities in Taiwan

Developed 6 “Always Remember You Café” in different cities in Taiwan


ADI International Conference

       Yearly Activities
Hosted Wolrd Alzhemer Month (WAM) Campaign. Invited more than 30 organizations to host WAM campaign in different cities in Taiwan.

Hosted Annual Taiwan Dementia Conjoint Conference. Invited more than three professional societies to organize the conference.

Policy Advocacy
    1. Long term care for dementia
    2. Assistive Technology subsidy for PWD
    3. Early intervention for dementia became the priority of subsidy in Ministry of Interior
    4. AD-8 became the screen tool for dementia early detection in community
    5. The first campaign for dementia risk reduction.
    6. The change of criterions of giving PWD medication like Aricept in health insurance.